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We started cultivating and cross breeding hemp back in 2013.
Our primary focus is for the cultivation of high CBD content cultivars, production of high quality sowing seeds as well as utilising all possible parts of the plant are our main objectives. We take pride in pioneering the way for hemp cultivation in Hungary. The once, well established Hungarian hemp industry faded away completely during the second half of the 20th century. We are striving to play a key role in re-establishing this lost industry for the benefit of both the environment and the Hungarian agriculture in general.
When it comes to our fine-selection and CBD production, instead of industry scale production, we focus on developing high quality inflorescence by late sowing and an unconventional sowing technique. Our lands lie near National Parks, in the West of the country in direct vicinity nature reserves, so the air is exceptionally clear as there are no industrial plants or other air polluting facilities nearby.
Our philosophy and love for hemp drive this exciting venture. Not only do we carefully select our land and hemp strains, we also control the entire process from field to finished product. We rely on traditional cultivation methods, but use cutting edge technology for CBD production. In your hands you hold the essence of our naturally harvested Fine Selection Buds.
Area of cultivation: Hungary