CBD capsule 120pcs

CBD capsule 120pcs

CDB capsule – 120 pcs, SKU: CNNT-0101

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Product Description

“An excellent product begins with high-quality raw material”

This motto and our love for hemp drive this exciting venture. Not only do we carefully select our land and hemp strains, but we also control the entire process from field to finished product. This complete overview ensures that we can create the highest quality products. We rely on traditional cultivation methods but use cutting edge technology for CBD production. Only flowers of the highest quality end up being harvested, and its these premium flowers which compose the contents of this flask. 

Since critical CO2 extraction operations can be fine-tuned by applying exact extraction parameters, specific alkaloids can be targeted during the extraction process. This makes it possible to extract specific target compounds like CBD, CBG, terpenoids, etc. As CO2 has sanitizing properties, resulting products will have a longer shelf life, and given a reliable, licensed extraction system the end product obtained will be considered a food or even medical grade.

  • 120pcs-2160mg (18mg/capsule)
  • The product is made from Hungarian raw-materials.
  • 100% Palm oil-free,
  • Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten and Lactose free.
  • Full-spectrum CBD + extra virgin olive oil soft-gelatine capsule.
  • Lab certified CBD, CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBN content.
  • Less than 0.2% THC content (non-psichoactive).
  • Gelatine capsule contents: gelatine, glycerin , water, stevia-extract, vanilla.
  • Full-spectrum CBD extract diluted with extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Keep in a cool, dry, dark environment.
  • Should be consumed within 6 months of being opened.
  • Taste: neutral.
  • Color: dark brown.
  • Form: Soft-gelatine capsule.

 Contains:  Full-spectrum CBD + Extra virgin olive oil soft-gelatine capsule 

* Our products are not suitable for treating existing diagnosed medical conditions. The color of the product van vary from batch to batch! Allergens: plant extracts. Keep away from children. Not suggested being used during pregnancy.

Please check out the laboratory analytics of this product here.

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