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Hulled hemp seeds, cocoa beans, and cashew nuts.
Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids,
vegetable proteins, antioxidants,
Contains Vitamins A-, 17 types of B-, D-, E , magnezium, copper, potassiom and



Gluten and palm oil-free, vegan product.
Recommended consumer price 590 Ft / pcs
One box contains: 24 pcs

Health bar for days full of energy!

The RAW BAR nutrition bar counteracts the effects of our speedy lifestyle and careless eating habits.
Its regular consumption energizes the human body.
Made from hemp seed hearts cultivated in Hungary and the sweet flesh of dates contains further raw ingredients like (seeds, oils, vinegar, and dried fruit)
Invigorating and stimulating mental activity.
Helps prevent heart-circulatory conditions and cancer. Can be incorporated into a healthy diet.
Hemp seeds have an exceptionally high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content. Its proteins are amongst the most efficiently absorbed vegetable proteins out there. With its fast absorption rate, hemp seed protein has a great contribution towards maintaining a healthy immune system.
Cleanses the bowels and helps against constipation.
Its essential fatty-acid content helps transport oxygen to cells, protects the heart, and speeds up regeneration while reducing joint pain and inflammation.
Cocoa beans the „food of the gods” are a true afrodiziac! Contains over 300 beneficial compounds.
A real powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.  Rich in phosphorous, magnesium, copper, potassium, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D- and vitamin- E.
The strong antioxidant effect, due to its high flavonoid and polyphenol content helps fight heart and circulatory conditions as well as inhibit cancer. With its theobromine and caffeine content, it has a slight stimulating effect enhancing brain activity.
Thanks to these enhancing effects it’s great during strenuous mental activities like exams or meetings. Since 20% of cocoa beans consist of fiber, it has a great effect on digestion.
Cashew nuts, the „queen of nuts” are rich in flavonoids, proteins, magnesium, and vitamin B. The high proanthocyanidin named flavonol and copper content has strong anti-tumor properties. It has a low-fat content compared to other nuts however the fatty acids it does contain help protect the heart.
The high copper content does wonders for our hair making it stronger and shiny. The calcium contained in cashews regenerates bones. Scientific papers also mention calming properties and their anti-gal-blader stone effects. The „good type” of cholesterol contained in cashews actually helps with weight loss

Consumption on daily basis is strongly recommended!

Our descriptions are supported by scientific experiments and research published on various platforms based on general research into Hemp-seed oil. They are not conclusions based on our own product but ser vas factual date on Hemp-seed oil. Our recommendation assumes the effects of the active ingredients in the product on the human body.
Its consumption does not replace the adequate daily intake of nutrient and vitamin requirements, nor does it replace any medical indications.


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