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White Label pipette

White Label Products

  • Organic cosmetics
  • Vegan cosmetics
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) cosmetics and skin care
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly cosmetics
  • CBD products (pipette,Airless)
  • Foods from hemp seed with CBD
  • Foods from hemp seed without CBD
  • Animal food supplement with CBD
  • Animal medicine – CBD extract

Extraction servicesExtraction Services

Extraction by critical CO2 is perhaps the most efficient, environmentally friendly and most importantly the safest way of obtaining the high-quality full-spectrum extract.

The resulting extract requires little to no post-processing. Unlike other more conventional extraction methods, that use hazardous chemicals which typically take hours to purge from the extract.

 Since critical CO2 extraction operations can be fine-tuned by applying exact extraction parameters, specific alkaloids can be targeted during the extraction

process. This makes it possible to extract specific target compounds like CBD, CBG, terpenoids, etc. As CO2 has sanitizing properties, resulting products will have a longer shelf life and given a reliable, licensed extraction system the end product obtained will be considered food or even medical grade.

Harvesting Services

Agricultural services

We provide consultation and educational services to our partners and retailers interested in the cultivation of Hemp. By providing clients with good fundamental knowledge on cultivation methods we can ensure your path to success. With our vast network of associated contacts, we can help you obtain all the necessary resources and equipment.

Our certified seed suppliers ensure constant quality and quantity requirements to fulfill all your hemp seed needs.

Certified high cannabidiol CBD/low THC cultivars

Non-GMO, specially bred cultivars

Certified low THC cultivars with high cannabigerol CBG content

The average CBD content of our plants tends to be around 3-7% CBD and less than 0.2% THC, some exceptional cultivars, however, can reach a CBD content in excess of 13%.

All of our cultivars will provide a rich full spectrum profile with a diverse phytocannabinoid and terpenoid content ensuring maximum medical potential.

Seedless buds from certificated varieties

As female hemp plants mature they produce highly resinous inflorescence also known as buds. This resinous secretion becomes more pronounced towards the end of the flowering cycle. The resin protects the plant from harmful UV radiation, various pests and pathogens. This sticky substance which is mainly produced by the trichomes of the hemp plant contains the bulk of cannabinoids and other beneficial substances associated with hemp.

By eliminating males from growing operations we can ensure that all of the plants’ energy is focused on producing these alkaloids rather than “wasting” energy on seed production. Seedless plant material will have the highest quality not only determined by the genetics of the plant but also the environmental factors encountered during cultivation.

When under stress plants will produce a higher quantity of said compounds in order to counteract the effects of UV radiation our drought. The exact quantity of these beneficial alkaloids, however, will be determined by the genetics and environmental factors encountered during the growing cycle. Due to compliance requirements, Hemp strains have been carefully bred to produce high CBD and low THC cultivars ensuring that producers stay within their legal requirements.